Every Start Has an End: Keeping an Eye On Recession Indicators

There is much to be happy about regarding the U.S. economy and the stock market, so it feels a bit weird bringing up the topic of recession. Below I will discuss and outline a number of economic indicators which I believe are important for people to consider and then summarize my thoughts regarding our position [...]

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How to Handle Market Declines

7 Ways to Fight Fear With Facts You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t fear loss. Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman demonstrated this with his loss-aversion theory, showing that people feel the pain of losing money more than they enjoy gains. As such, investors’ natural instinct is to flee the market when it starts to [...]

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About that Equifax Breach

As you may already know, up to 143 million people had their Social Security  numbers and other data stolen in the recent Equifax data breach. Whether or not you were impacted, here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to actively protecting yourself in situations such as this. What Happened Atlanta-based Equifax, [...]

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Eight Oft-Overlooked But Potentially Indispensible Types of Insurance

Most people don’t blink when it comes time to reach into their pockets to pay for health insurance, homeowners insurance, auto insurance or even short-term disability or life insurance coverage because they see value in paying an insurance company to help protect them financially from the risks they face in going about certain key aspects [...]

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What does “fee-based advisor” really mean?

Advisor Earning Comparison Fee-only advisers vs. Commission-based advisors Understanding your adviser's fee structure is critical to building a lasting, honest relationship. To help clarify, here are two terms that you need to know: Fee-only: A fee-only relationship means that your advisor earns an hourly rate/fee, a project fee, or a percentage based on the amount of [...]

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Infographic: 7 Estate Planning Steps

Inter-generational wealth planning is increasingly complex. The more open we are about the realities of planning these events, the more we can help alleviate worry for those we love most. Planning today means you can potentially lessen the confusion and stress that accompanies the tragic loss, incapacity, or disability of a loved one. Use the [...]

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How to Cure Financial Paralysis

Money is a representation of our life’s energy. The money in our pocket is 18 hours under the sun or in the office that can be traded for things, experiences or feelings that make us happy. My life’s work is helping people decide where and how to allocate this energy in order to experience joy. [...]

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