Estate Planning is about where you’re going.

We believe in communication that extends to the next generation.


True Living Financial Family Legacy PlanningThe protection and transfer of your wealth can be complex and requires careful planning.

How will the lives of your beneficiaries be influenced by the transfer of your wealth? What type of guidance will you provide them? Your estate plan can’t pass on your memories or experiences. It can, however, pass on your assets in a way that reflects your values.

At True Living we hope to lessen the confusion and stress that accompanies emotions related to the tragic loss, incapacity, or disability of a loved one. In addition to helping you create an appropriate wealth transfer strategy, we want to help you document your wishes so that end of life care decisions don’t cause family conflict, confusion, or stress.

We also want to be there to support you in settling your affairs so they don’t become a burden on those you love most. To put it frankly, we might call these steps: How to Not Leave Behind a Mess.

Our goal is to work toward slowly changing the estate planning paradigm from one which solely focuses on your death and the avoidance of associated taxes and fees, to one which also incorporates lifetime planning, asset protection techniques, and other methods to ensure the legacy you leave for the living is distributed in accordance with your wishes.

Proactive steps today can help relieve stress and ease emotions for your loved ones once you are gone.

For more information, download a free copy here of “Changing the Paradigm: A Two-phase Guide to Family Legacy Planning.”