Living well is the destination; money is a resource to help chart the journey.


tlf_smLookingOffTrue Living is our name and our philosophy. We believe money is a tool and resource – not the goal. True living is the product of having a secure financial plan that allows you to experience a wholesome, meaningful and true life.

How do you get to true living?

We make it easy by orienting everything we do around three key tenets of our philosophy:

1. Put Relationships First

As independent financial advisers, we embrace the adventure of life and the individuality of every client. We want to know you as a person before we start anything, regardless of your current or past financial situations. In fact, we believe in relationships, research and strategy … in that order and the first investment will always be ours. We will spend considerable time clarifying your goals and what you need from us before putting recommendations or plans on the table.

2. A transparent and Understandable Compensation Model

The pursuit of your goals is our goal and that’s why True Living Financial is an independent wealth management firm. We fully disclose all compensation models upfront.  We believe that financial advice should not be served with a conflict of interest and therefore accept no securities commission. When it comes to managing your investments, the only one who pays us is you, the investor. The replacement of commissions with a transparent compensation model ensures your freedom to choose from a wide variety of options and compile the best pieces for your individualized plan without having to worry if your advisor is looking out for your wallet – or theirs.

3. Happiness is the Truest form of Wealth

We wholly believe in living a true, valuable life and therefore we transform ourselves with each new client to best understand what makes him or her happy. We want to know where you are now, and where you want to go, so that we can help take you there. We will combine our expertise and your vision to create the plan needed to allow you to do what you love.