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When can I retire? What is succession planning? What is my business worth?

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Discussing your finances with a financial advisor can be personal, maybe even nerve-wracking. Principle, Adam D. McNeill, AAMS, has the forethought to consider your financial planning and investment needs and the experience to offer sound advice.

Since 2003, Adam has been guiding individuals, families, business owners and their employees through financial planning, tax planning, estate planning, pension planning, succession planning and more. Yet, before any of these plans come into place, he first asks a few questions of his own: “Who are you? What makes you happy?” Because, the best financial plan is one guided by your values and dreams. With you in the driver’s seat, True Living Financial helps develop your map.

Financial Planning

True Living Financial has extensive depth and breadth when it comes to adapting the right financial and investment programs to achieve your goals. We specialize in adapting programs for three audiences: Families or individuals, businesses and executives. Some of our services include:

  • Families and individuals: Financial planning, wealth management, inter-generational wealth and estate planning, retirement planning, stock investment strategies and more.
  • Businesses: Workplace Financial Advisory Program, retirement program strategies, incentive plans and more.
  • Executives: CFO Program, issue scanning, cash flow strategies, oversight of financial assets.


Navigating the complexities of financial planning can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. At True Living Financial, we partner with expert accountants who can assist with annual tax strategies and long-term tax impacts. You’ll never be left to face an issue alone.


True Living Financial offers two unique opportunities to uncover more time in your day. The Workplace Financial Advisory Program is available for businesses and offers all of the information and guidance needed for your human resource professionals. True Living also provides a CFO Program for high net worth executives or individuals. Within this program, True Living will provide discrete financial planning as well as retain and manage an accountant for each client.

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